Kamar Aiken says he won't lose his cool again after dust-up with Adam 'Pacman' Jones

Ravens wide receiver Kamar Aiken's temper boiled over during a loss Sunday to the Cincinnati Bengals.

Aiken got into a brief altercation in the first quarter during a kickoff return, taking a swing at Bengals veteran cornerback Adam "Pacman" Jones after Jones and he exchanged words.


The personal foul Aiken was assessed earned him a stern lecture on the sideline from Ravens special-teams coordinator Jerry Rosburg.

"That was all just mental," Aiken said. "I should have never let him get to me, as I did. I learned from it. It won't happen again.


"It was a little talking, a little disrespect from him. We talked about it. It's done with. It won't happen again."

On a positive note, Aiken caught his first career passes after four years in the NFL.

Aiken caught all four passes thrown to him for 30 yards against the Bengals.

"It was definitely fun," he said. "It just shows all the work I put in leading up is starting to pay off. There's always room for improvement. I'm trying to help the team get some wins."

A former member of practice squads with the Ravens, Chicago Bears, Buffalo Bills and New England Patriots, Aiken has come a long way to reach the point where he's contributing on gamedays.

"Kamar has played really well," Ravens coach John Harbaugh said. "If you play like that, you earn more playing time. He made some big catches for us down the stretch at the end there, and it was good to see. He's a good football player, very good player."