Ravens to meet tonight with tight ends Eric Ebron, Jace Amaro

North Carolina tight end Eric Ebron and Texas Tech tight end Jace Amaro are both scheduled to meet with the Ravens tonight at the NFL scouting combine.

Ebron said he patterns his game after San Francisco 49ers tight end Vernon Davis.


"Because of similarities," Ebron said. "He has speed, he's powerful and he's very strong at the line of scrimmage."

Ebron was an All-American selection last season who caught 62 passes for 973 yards and three touchdowns

"Every team wants a complete tight end, an all-purpose tight end, not just one who can just run down the seam and catch passes," Ebron said. "They want a guy who can block, too. I tell them I've been working hard at it. I'm not bad at it like everyone thinks. What makes me different is who I am, my style of play. I play fast. I'm a little bit faster than most."

Ebron doesn't lack for confidence. When asked why defensive backs and linebackers don't attempt press coverage techniques against him, Ebron replied: "Why teams don't press me? It's because they can't. I will not be pressed at the line of scrimmage. That's a prideful thing for me. They would be best to not do that."

Ravens tight ends Dennis Pitta, Ed Dickson and Dallas Clark are all pending unrestricted free agents. The Ravens are in talks with Pitta with no deal in sight at this point.

Ebron said he's looking forward to talking with the Ravens, who hold the 17th overall pick of the first round, but said he has no preference on where he goes.

"The possibility of playing for any team is a great one," Ebron said. "If I end up in Baltimore, then I end up in Baltimore."

The Ravens will also meet with Amaro, an ultra-productive 6-foot-4, 260-pounder who caught 106 passes for 1,352 yards and seven touchdowns last season for the Red Raiders.


Amaro has been frequently linked to the New England Patriots, which was music to his ears given the presence of quarterback Tom Brady. Amaro frequently watched game tapes of Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski and New Orleans Saints tight end Jimmy Graham to try to emulate their respective skill sets.

"I think that starting with maybe one of the greatest quarterbacks to ever play the game would be a great start for me, especially in a system like that," Amaro said. "Yeah, I've taken notice of teams like that. I think that would be a great, ideal place for me."