Baltimore Ravens

Ravens to be held to 'same high standard' until training camp, Harbaugh says

After a troubled offseason that included four arrests, Ravens players received the usual message about off-the-field behavior by head coach John Harbaugh on Thursday.

After accomplishing plenty on the field in the last two months of team activities, Harbaugh warned his team not to undo those positives.


"It's always the same high standard," Harbaugh said. "We always have the same high standard for our guys and it's the same message. There's always an emphasis, different types of emphasis on different things and we've emphasized what we need to with our guys.

"We have good, really good guys, guys that football matters to them. The more football matters to you, I think the less inclined you are to do anything that would jeopardize."


Harbaugh also said the players know what is expected of them from a conditioning standpoint.

"We expect them to come back in tip-top shape, just like we expect them to come to this minicamp in tip-top shape, because we're going to start practicing full speed," he said. "They're going to need to be ready for it."

Veteran linebacker Daryl Smith said there were no special warnings to the young players, either.

"That's been going on since they've been here," Smith said. "They've got the Rookie Symposium coming up as well. They'll be fine."