Ravens to arrive in New Orleans on Monday for Super Bowl

The Ravens are scheduled to arrive in New Orleans for Super Bowl XLVII on Monday afternoon, according to the NFL.

The AFC champions are expected to conduct their first news conference early Monday evening with coach John Harbaugh, quarterback Joe Flacco and other players.


Meanwhile, the NFC champion San Francisco 49ers get to town Sunday night followed by a news conference with coach Jim Harbaugh and quarterback Colin Kaepernick and other players.

The schedule for the week goes like this:

The 49ers and Ravens have the traditional Media Day at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome on Tuesday morning, with San Francisco spending an hour with the media first followed by the Ravens' media session.

There are more interviews the next two days.

Friday morning, in what the NFL says is unprecedented, the Harbaugh brothers will conduct a joint news conference at the Super Bowl.

The big game is set for Sunday night.

The winning team's coach and the Super Bowl Most Valuable Player have a news conference Monday morning after the Super Bowl.