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Ravens rookie Lorenzo Taliaferro's misdemeanor case dropped by prosecutors

Ravens rookie running back Lorenzo Taliaferro's misdemeanor destruction of property, being drunk in public and public swearing case was dropped by prosecutors Thursday morning, according to a court clerk.

Prosecutors in Taliaferro's hometown of Williamsburg, Va., decided not to go forward with the case. Taliaferro didn't need to attend his scheduled court hearing today at Williamsburg/James City County General District Court.


Taliaferro told The Baltimore Sun last week that the case would be dismissed soon.

He was arrested in May after being drafted by the Ravens in the fourth round.


The arresting officer overheard loud cursing from a group that included Taliaferro, according to a police report. A cab driver alleged to the officer that Taliaferro broke a window in his car after the driver asked him to exit the cab.

The officer wrote in his report that he "immediately detected a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage upon his person and breath. Mr. Taliaferro was unsteady on his feet, had bloodshot eyes and spoke with a slur. Mr. Taliaferro also sounded intoxicated because he stated that his 'girlfriend flew in from Myrtle Beach, Virginia' and later said 'cooloperate' instead of cooperate twice in an attempt to correct himself."

Taliaferro and his friends, saying they wanted to be responsible and take a cab, complained that the driver was "rude and on his phone," according to the report.

"Mr. Taliaferro advised that he and the driver then had a brief dispute," the officer wrote in his report. "So, Mr. Taliaferro exited the taxi with his friends. Before the taxi left, Mr. Taliaferro leaned against the window. Mr. Taliaferro stated that the taxi pulled forward and that the weight of him being on the glass broke it. At the jail, Mr. Taliaferro stated that he had 'gripped the window' and that he had 'consumed a good amount of drinks.'"