Baltimore Ravens

Flacco admits Ray Rice saved him

While Ray Rice continued to bask in the glow of his 29-yard, catch-and-run on fourth-and-29 against the San Diego Chargers, quarterback Joe Flacco admitted that he didn't do any reflecting on the play and he didn't plan to.

"We got away with one and I'll be glad. I could have looked like a big-time idiot if we don't get that play," Flacco said. "I kind of went out on a limb there to check the ball down on fourth-and-29. We don't get that, everybody is crushing me: 'What the hell is he doing checking the ball down on fourth-and-29?' I don't think that will ever happen again in the time that I play and it gets converted, especially on a check down like that. I am just happy it happened."

Rice said that he said that watched a replay of the conversion a few times and it will probably go down, along with his 83-yard touchdown run against the New England Patriots in the playoffs, as one of his favorite plays when his career is over.

"It was actually remarkable to see our defense," Rice said. "This is the funniest thing: When I got back on the plane, the defense said when Joe checked it down, the defense was like, 'What the heck are we doing?' Next thing you see is the whole sideline going, 'Go! Go! Go!' I had my best friend's mom tell me she turned off the game and said, 'Oh, "Walking Dead" is on, and then came to find out we won the game. It was one of those moments where you realize you did something special and now it's something I can live with."