Ravens positional reviews

The Sun gives a position-by-position review of the Ravens.

Ravens positional review: Special teams

We continue our position by position review of the Ravens with a look at special teams, a traditional area of excellence and stability for the franchise.

Ravens positional review: Secondary

We continue our position-by-position review of the Ravens with a look at the secondary, which has never been more essential to the team's overall design, a fact hammered home by the recent signing of safety Earl Thomas.

Ravens positional review: Linebackers

We continue our position-by-position review of the Ravens with the linebackers, a group that could be swept by drastic change as early as this week.

Ravens positional review: Defensive line

The defensive line has been a traditional area of strength for the Ravens, and they expect more of the same in 2019, even as a few long-term questions loom for the group.

Ravens positional review: Offensive line

The Ravens entered training camp last year with only two jobs along the offensive line secured. The season that followed was just as unpredictable.

Ravens positional review: Wide receiver and tight end

Our position-by-position review of the Ravens moves to their receivers, who began 2018 with great promise but finished with another year of disappointing production.

Ravens positional review: Running back

It was a good year to be a Ravens running back — that is, if you were playing with Lamar Jackson.

Ravens positional review: Quarterback

A position-by-position review of the Ravens begins at quarterback, where Lamar Jackson succeeded Joe Flacco in 2018 and established himself as the key to the team's future.