Ravens players react to Baltimore riots, say 'violence is not the answer'

"No way, no way this can happen in our city," pleads Baltimore Ravens' retired linebacker Ray Lewis.

As the violence and unrest continues during the the Baltimore riots in the wake of the death of Freddie Gray after being arrested by Baltimore City police, several Ravens and former Ravens players have weighed in on the situation via social media.

"If you're going to engage in civil disobedience, it needs to be nonviolent," defensive end Chris Canty told The Baltimore Sun. "Violence is unproductive. It's our responsibility to speak out. It's a part of our obligation. We have to have some resolution. It has to start with peace and getting people off of the streets and unify the community and we can affect positive change through peaceful protest.


"There is social injustice. The police brutality has been well-documented. The Department of Justice isn't investigating the police for no reason. There needs to be a shift in policy. This isn't the way, though, with the few individuals trying to force that change through violent means."

Retired middle linebacker Ray Lewis reacted to the situation.


"No way, No way this can happen in our city," Lewis wrote on his Twitter account. "Violence is not the answer. We must have #peace in our #city, we are a city that's built on #Believing in each other. #BaltimoreRiots.

"We must come together,we can stop the violence as a #community.These kids have to have real leaders,we need everybody to join this #movement."

Lewis also posted a video on Facebook with the same type of message.

Lewis' sentiments were shared by several other players who called for a peaceful resolution.

"Baltimore this isn't the answer!!!" former Ravens wide receiver Torrey Smith wrote on Twitter. "I don't know how I can help but I promise I'll try to help the city."

Added kicker Justin Tucker: "Praying for this city and this country. Please be safe & peaceful out there. #PrayForBaltimore."

Running back Justin Forsett had a similar message.

"Violence is not the answer!" Forsett wrote on Twitter. "Lord give this city a peace that only you can give a peace that surpasses all understanding. ."

Wide receiver Steve Smith said the looting isn't going to do anything to find answers about what happened to Gray as the investigation into the circumstances of his death continues.

"prayer is needed 4 Baltimore today," Smith wrote on Twitter. "rioting and looting our city is only punishing ourselves Getting A Answer why a young man lost his life."

Frustration and disbelief has been a common response.

"I can't believe what I am watching in Baltimore," defensive end Kapron Lewis-Moore wrote on Twitter. "Man... This is not the answer."




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