Baltimore Ravens

Ravens' Paul Kruger set to clash with Raider brother-in-law Tony Bergstrom

Four years ago, Ravens outside linebacker Paul Kruger introduced his sister to University of Utah teammate Tony Bergstrom following the annual spring game.

And the matchmaking worked out as Jessica Kruger Bergstrom is now married to Bergstrom. They're the parents of a baby girl named Olivia.


Sunday at M&T Bank Stadium when the Ravens host the Oakland Raiders, Kruger may get the opportunity to square off with his brother-in-law, a Raiders rookie offensive lineman drafted in the third round.

"He might play, who knows?" Kruger said. "I'll treat him like any other offensive tackle, then we can talk after the game. There's a little bragging rights. It's something we can talk about 20 years from now. I'm excited about it."


For Jessica Kruger Bergstrom, her loyalties could be divided Sunday between her allegiance to her husband and her brother.

"Yeah, she's going to be in the stands watching," said Kruger, adding that he has acquired tickets for the majority of his family to attend the game, except for his younger brothers, Joe and Dave, who play for Utah. "That's where she's going to stay. She loves us both. I'm sure she'll be fine with whatever happens."

Ravens coach John Harbaugh joked that he better not see any brother-in-lawing between Kruger and Bergstrom on the field.

"They won't be brother-in-lawing each other out there during the game, will they?" Harbaugh said. "They'll be getting after it pretty good. The two brothers will be fighting. To be honest with you, I had kind of forgotten about that and you put that together. I'll talk to Paul about that, see how he's doing."