Baltimore Ravens

Ravens mixing in younger players with veterans

Besides giving several injured players a chance to heal and recover, the bye week also provides some of the Ravens' younger players with an opportunity to get more involved in the game plan and get more reps in practice.

Coach John Harbaugh confirmed that Wednesday's session was a chance to mix the younger players with the veterans.

"Everybody is getting work in," he said. "Everybody is healthy enough. There are a few guys we held out. It's just better for them not to be out here pounding – not that many. It's a mix [of] the whole team. [Offensive coordinator] Cam [Cameron] made a point today in the offensive meeting that I thought was a good point: At this time of year, there are no 'No. 2's.' There's not 'ones' and 'twos.' There's the first group of starters, and then there's the next group of starters because you're going to need every one of those guys at some point in time."