Ravens coach John Harbaugh reacts on the sideline during a game against the Cleveland Browns.
Ravens coach John Harbaugh reacts on the sideline during a game against the Cleveland Browns. (David Richard / Associated Press)

There are days when Ravens coach John Harbaugh is a good politician.

On Wednesday, he was asked about fans who wanted the Ravens to lose so they could get a higher pick in each round of the NFL draft.


Honestly, I just don't get it. Anyone who has ever competed or coached can't even come close to getting that concept. Harbaugh won't say it, so I will. It's insane. It's just downright stupid.

Players and coaches don't put in this kind of time to go out and lose. It makes absolutely no sense. Even if their chance of making the playoffs is very small, the Ravens still want to build confidence and find players, much like the Carolina Panthers did at the end of last season. If they find those players and win, they have fewer holes to fill going into 2016.

As for those who laugh about the Ravens talking about playoffs, that's the way they should look at it. That's the goal, and if you still have a chance that's what you try to obtain regardless of the odds. What would you want them to say, "We have no shot, we quit and we give up?"

That is not the mentality of competitors, especially in the NFL. The goal is always to win every game, regardless of the conditions or the challenges.

"We're just trying to do our best. We're trying to win football games," Harbaugh said. "These guys work hard, and I'm proud of them, and we're fighting like crazy. December football is when football matters, and we're relevant in December. That's what we needed to be. We came into November – we looked at where we were at – and we said, 'We have to win. We have to win them all."

On Mallett

The Ravens made a good move working out quarterback Ryan Mallett.

There was a moment Monday night when starting quarterback Matt Schaub was slow getting up off the field after being hit, so it's always good to have someone in waiting.

Mallett has had issues this season with the Houston Texans, but he is one of the best quarterbacks available on the open market.

Slow down on Rosburg

I think special teams coach Jerry Rosburg does an excellent job with his units and he has two excellent kickers in Justin Tucker and Sam Koch. But some of us might be getting a little ahead of ourselves when speculating he could be a head coaching candidate this season.

That might end up being true, but most candidates come from teams that have a winning record or become hot in the postseason. Also, when you look at the Ravens' past four opponents, you have to grab your nose and pinch it.

Regardless, though, props to Rosburg and the job he has done this season.