Baltimore Ravens

Rice, Reed and the mandatory Ravens minicamp

The Ravens reported this morning to the Under Armour Performance Center -- I'm still getting used to the new name for their Owings Mills practice facility -- for the start of mandatory minicamp. They took physicals, and on an entertaining aside, strong safety Bernard Pollard was hoping he didn't have to turn his head and cough.

The past three weeks of the offseason have been voluntary for the players, and the many notable absences for the Ravens were under the microscope. But this week's workouts are mandatory, so expect a near full house.


Two players for us to keep an eye on during roll call will be running back Ray Rice and free safety Ed Reed.

It would be very surprising if Rice showed up for the mandatory minicamp, as much as he wants to be out on the practice field with his teammates. You might have heard that Rice wants a new contract, and even though it looks as though talks are heading in the right direction, he is still under the franchise tag. That means he has no obligation to be at minicamp because he hasn't yet signed his tender and can't be punished if he doesn't show.


Reed could be, though. According to Pro Football Talk, any player under contract who skips one day of the mandatory minicamp is subject to a $10,000 fine. If they skip a second, it's $20,000. And a third is $30,000. So if you weren't a mathlete like I was, that means Reed can be fined $60,000 for skipping the full minicamp.

Pro Football Talk's Mike Florio writes that mandatory minicamp no-shows could also "be subject to a partial forfeiture of certain bonuses, a waiver of any remaining guarantees in his contract, and other enhanced penalties authorized by the new CBA."

Reed is in the final year of his contract and is due to earn a base salary of $7.2 million this season. He recently said he wasn't 100 percent committed for the season and again mentioned he thinks about retirement -- he later backpedaled a bit -- but Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti said on Friday that he believes Reed will be there.

My gut tells me he will, too, but you never know with Reed. Media is allowed to attend Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, so we will know for sure about Reed by tomorrow afternoon. We'll keep you posted, and we'll have plenty of other minicamp coverage as well.