Baltimore Ravens

Ravens indicate no known timetable for potential Ray Rice discipline

The Ravens are still awaiting word on the status of running back Ray Rice following his meeting earlier this week with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell.

When asked if he was aware of when the league would issue a ruling on potential discipline for Rice, Ravens coach John Harbaugh replied: "Not to my knowledge. I'm not aware of any timetable on that at all."


Rice is expected to be punished by Goodell under the league's personal conduct policy after being arrested and charged with felony aggravated assault in February at an Atlantic City, N.J., casino.

Rice was arrested after a physical altercation with then-fiancee Janay Palmer, whom he married one day after being indicted by a grand jury.


Rice is facing a potential multi-game suspension and fines.

Rice has been accepted into a pretrial diversionary program, in which he will avoid a trial and face no jail time as long as he completes the requirements of the court.

Palmer was initially charged with simple assault along with Rice. Prosecutors reviewed the case and later dismissed her charges administratively and upgraded Rice's charge to a more serious third-degree aggravated assault case.

Rice had not previously been in trouble with the law.