Ravens coach John Harbaugh has no problem with Steve Smith Sr.'s confrontation with Jalen Ramsey

Ravens coach John Harbaugh doesn't seem to mind wide receiver Steve Smith Sr.'s post-game confrontation with Jacksonville Jaguars cornerback Jalen Ramsey after Sunday's 19-17 win.

In fact, Harbaugh said he found himself between the players as they exchanged verbal barbs.


"I got caught in the middle of that," Harbaugh said Monday. "It was kind of fun, it was fun. I thought Steve Smith had a heck of a game. If that's how he responds to whatever challenge put before him out there, I'm for it. I'm for that happening every week. I thought he responded quite well."

Smith, 37, posted his best outing of the season, leading the team in catches (eight) and yards (87). The 21-year-old Ramsey, the fifth overall pick of the 2016 NFL draft, finished with five tackles and suggested afterward that he got the better of their on-field matchup.

"Any time I lined up on him. Hmm. You're done," said Ramsey, who also called Smith "an old man." "Y'all go watch that. Y'all go watch that. Y'all tell me who got in who head."

Smith fired back at Ramsey via Twitter, writing, "I gave U every opportunity to speak face to face . But you found your voice safely behind closed doors. Young man I don't need ur respect!"

Harbaugh, who said a conversation with Smith about the confrontation is not necessary, said he has no worries about the wideout who suffered a double rupture of his right Achilles tendon last November.

"He's looked good to me from Day 1," Harbaugh said. "I saw a bunch of plays made yesterday, I saw a lot of competitive fire, and he was critical for us. He made some huge chunk plays when we needed him the most. So I haven't had any concerns about Steve at all really, all year. I'm sure glad he's on our side, and I'm looking forward to seeing how he plays this week."

End zone: After being limited to special teams in the first two games, rookie inside linebacker Kamalei Correa made his defensive debut Sunday and almost intercepted another Bortles pass in the first quarter. "He was in position," Harbaugh said. "He played more plays. He played well. It was good to see him out there. Kind of get his first chance as a defensive player. Played well last week on special teams and played well again this week on special teams. So I think he's starting to feel his oats a little bit and hopefully be the player we know he's going to be sooner rather than later." … Harbaugh shared an interesting anecdote about himself and his brother, Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh, when asked if the team's ability to win narrow games inspires confidence among the players and coaches. "When we go to the mall, we don't start at the parking spaces in the back row," the elder Harbaugh said. "We drive right to the front row. There's going to be someone pulling out. Yeah, the place is packed and it might say 'no parking available,' but someone's going to leave just as we come in. It's just always worked out that way for us. I think that's a good way to approach life. When you start having some good things happen for you – like our team has – you can build on those things because you just believe that good things are going to happen."

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