Baltimore Ravens

Ravens backup QB Tyrod Taylor: 'I cherish those opportunities'

It isn't every Sunday that Ravens reserve quarterback Tyrod Taylor gets some snaps to knock off the rust accumulated as a backup.

During a 55-20 rout of the Oakland Raiders on Sunday at M&T Bank Stadium, Taylor was inserted with 7:31 remaining in the fourth quarter as starter Joe Flacco headed to the bench with his work done for the day.


Taylor would have been sent into the game even earlier if not for Jacoby Jones running back a kickoff 105 yards for a touchdown with just under 13 minutes left in the fourth quarter.

Taylor, a former Atlantic Coast Conference Offensive Player of the Year, did not complete his lone pass attempt, but it's the experience that Taylor values as much as anything else.


"It's always exciting," said Taylor, a 2011 sixth-round draft pick out of Virginia Tech. "It's all good, it's a learning experience. I cherish those opportunities."

Taylor has lined up at wide receiver a few times this season, including a pass pattern against the Cleveland Browns where he occupied defenders on a Torrey Smith touchdown reception.

Taylor has played in five games in his second NFL season, completing 2 of 4 passes for 30 yards and rushing for 11 yards on two carries.

"It's always good to get game reps," Taylor said. "You never can get the same experience in practice. In the game, that's when it's really showtime."