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Ravens linebacker Albert McClellan's domestic violence case dropped

Ravens outside linebacker Albert McClellan is no longer facing an accusation of domestic violence.

Arrested on June 30 in his hometown of Lakeland, Fla., McClellan's first-degree misdemeanor battery case and a second-degree misdemeanor simple assault with threat or intent to do violence have been dropped, McClellan's agent, Glen Lansky, told The Baltimore Sun.


Polk County (Fla.) records confirmed the case was nolle prossed as the state of Florida declined to pursue the charges following an investigation.

"We are very pleased to announce that all charges against Albert McClellan have been nolle prossed by the state of Florida and there will be no further action," Lansky said. "Albert is very excited to have all this behind him and that the judicial system ran its course. He can now continue to focus on football and contribute to Ravens' victories."


The alleged victim, a former girlfriend of McClellan's, had filed a waiver not to prosecute, according to McClellan's criminal defense attorney, David Kaylor of Lakeland, Fla.

The Ravens were made aware of the case after being informed over the summer by McClellan and his representative.

According to the incident report, police responded to a domestic disturbance complaint at the Comfort Inn where the alleged victim complained of chest and head pain and said she was breathing heavily because she was scared. However, she refused medical attention, emergency assistance or the use of an emergency shelter.

The investigating officer wrote in his report that the alleged victim complained of a sore right ankle, head pain and sore right eye, but there were no visible signs of injury.

The woman told police that she had been dating McClellan for two years and that they live together in Baltimore during football season and in Lakeland during the summer. She accused McClellan of speaking with a former girlfriend, which triggered an argument, according to the report.

McClellan allegedly took the woman's cell phone away and shrugged her off when she reached for the phone. The woman alleged that McClellan threw a lamp at her, which missed her and hit a picture frame.

The woman said she then attempted to call police and alleged that McClellan grabbed her by the waist and caused her to fall to the ground before then grabbing her by the ankle. The woman said she attempted to kick McClellan, but wasn't sure if she connected.

The alleged victim acknowledged that she made a negative comment about McClellan's deceased mother, which angered him.


The woman said McClellan put a Bible against her forehead and pushed her, causing her to fall onto a sofa bed.

The woman said McClellan "approached her in an aggressive manner," in the hallway, but didn't hit her. She said she stumbled and fell before throwing a cell phone at McClellan, which missed him and hit a wall.

The woman's 11-year-old daughter, whom McClellan allegedly said looked "like a lizard" during the argument with her mother after she insulted the linebacker's late mother, was present at the time of the incident and told police she saw McClellan throw a lamp at her mother and push a Bible against her forehead.

The responding officer said items were scattered around the hotel room with one lamp lying on the side of the floor next to a broken picture frame.

When the officer spoke with McClellan, he said he wanted to press charges against the woman for battery.

The NFL player told police that the argument stemmed from the woman alleging that he had been talking to a former girlfriend on his cell phone.


McClellan told police that the woman threw his computer at him and broke the picture frame, but the officer said that no computer was found at the scene.

McClellan said when he attempted to leave the scene, the woman kicked him in the groin area several times.

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McClellan told police when a derogatory comment was made about his late mother that he grabbed the Bible and pushed it against her head before leaving the room.

McClellan told police the woman tripped over her own feet and fell to the ground.

McClellan was arrested for battery and assault. According to the police report, he "unlawfully pushed the victim against her will and threw a lamp at her causing her to be in fear for her physical safety."

Lansky had previously predicted that the case would be resolved favorably.


"The alleged victim has already filed a request not to prosecute, and we are confident that when all the facts are brought to light Albert's good, clean name will be restored," Lansky said. "Albert has always shown himself to be honest and forthcoming and we truly believe that any and all allegations will be disposed of favorably for Albert."