Baltimore Ravens

Path to recovery a familiar one for Lardarius Webb

Having been through the difficult and sometimes lonely process of rehabbing a torn anterior cruciate ligament in his right knee suffered in the final month of his rookie campaign in 2009, Lardarius Webb is more than familiar with what it will take to bounce back from the torn anterior cruciate ligament in his left knee sustained in the Ravens' 31-29 win against the Dallas Cowboys on Oct. 14.

And despite the frustration of watching his teammates from the sideline and spending time by himself to strengthen the knee, the 27-year-old cornerback said he views every step as a positive one towards his primary objective of returning to the field.


"I've been through it before, and the things that happened when I came back last time were good things, and I will look at them as good things as I come back this time," Webb said during a Thanksgiving outreach event sponsored by his foundation at the Webster Kendrick Boys & Girls Club in Northwest Baltimore Tuesday evening. "It's just a fight. You go through ups and downs, and when you're down, you judge a person's character by how they get back up. I'm just going to fight and hope that everything works out well. I'm leaving it in God's hands."

Webb tore the ACL while jostling with Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant for position in the first quarter. The good news is that Webb is on pace to return to the team perhaps as early as offseason workouts in May or June.


Webb said he hasn't had any setbacks yet with his surgically-repaired knee.

"I'm feeling well," he said. "I'm just going to work every day. It hit me hard mentally, but I've come back strong from that. My teammates, the coaches and fans have helped me stay strong. The fans have hit me up on Twitter and have kept me strong. They've told me that they can't wait to see me back, to stay strong, that they're praying for me. And No. 1, my family, my fiancé and my son, being with them every day keeps me up mentally and gets me prepared to go fight every day."

Webb's absence has forced the Ravens to play Jimmy Smith, and when he underwent surgery to repair a sports hernia last Thursday, Corey Graham joined Cary Williams as a starter and Chris Johnson, who had been signed last Tuesday, was the fifth defensive back in the team's nickel package.

Graham finished with eight tackles and three pass breakups, and Johnson forced a key fumble in the Ravens' 13-10 win against the Pittsburgh Steelers Sunday night. Webb said he was proud of his teammates' performances.

"It's been hard, but seeing the opportunities that the other guys have, I can't be jealous about that part," he said. "I just want to encourage them and not let them be down on my part. I don't let my situation bring them down. I want to keep everything up so that everyone can keep a positive attitude. There's a goal we're still trying to accomplish, and that's to win, and the guys are playing well."