The hostility between Ravens wide receiver Torrey Smith and at least a portion of the New England Patriots' fanbase hasn't subsided.

The battleground is a familiar venue: Twitter.


That's where Smith has complained in the past of being taunted by Patriots fans following the Ravens' AFC championship game victory, months after his inspirational performance in a 31-30 win over New England in September just one day after his brother, Tevin Jones, died in a motorcycle accident in Virginia.

Here's the back story: Smith previously said that he was criticized through racial slurs and that his late brother was also derided.

"Played a lot of games since my brothers death and I never received as many rude tweets after a win than Sunday," Smith wrote in January. "Yet NE fans cry about class."

Now Smith is engaged in another Twitter feud with a group of Patriots fans.

Smith joked about cheering on the Chicago Blackhawks in the NHL playoffs against the Boston Bruins, writing: "I hate everything about NE except KG."

That got a predictable response, which led to this tweet from Smith: "I understand that every Fan base has bad fans what I'm saying is NE fans have more than others and think they are better than everyone else."

Smith's joke was preceded by him Retweeting a Tweet sent to him with a photo of a motorcycle arcade game accompanied by a note: "Still too soon to put one of these in your house?"

Smith later added: "As much as I dislike MOST of the fan base I can honestly say that I respect the coaches and ownership. .. Ok I'm done starting stuff before I get a phone call from our organization haha…no apologies I meant what I said. .. I'm done responding to fans who confirmed what I originally said…having 1 fan base out of 32 hate you isn't bad…don't need y'all see ya."

Back in September, Smith was criticized by a Patriots fan from Baltimore who then came under attack from Ravens fans prior to issuing an apology.

Smith has more than 214,000 followers on Twitter and generally avoids controveries, regularly posting positive messages and interacting with fans, friends and teammates.

Smith has already moved on from this latest episode and pointed out that he wasn't referring to all Patriots fans.

"All done," he wrote. "The Mrs is mad at me for not taking the high road."

When it comes to Twitter and pretty much everything else in life, that tends to be the best route to take.


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