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Mike Preston: NFL painkiller lawsuit is absurd

First, there was a lawsuit about concussions. Now, more than 500 retired NFL players have filed a lawsuit claiming teams provided them with illegal drugs, including narcotics and pain killers, that caused medical complications down the road.

The suit alleges that the league "has intentionally, recklessly and negligently created and maintained a culture of drug misuse, substituting players' health for profit."

To me, this appears to be a bunch of former players who keep wanting to tap into the seemingly endless amount of money the NFL is making these days. The latest charge is absurd, almost to the point of laughter.


Sure, there are players who still suffer from long-term effects of drug use, but they understood the risks and they had choices.

I sympathize with war veterans or former police officers and firefighters. They know the risk and dangers of the job, but they are at least providing a service to their country, state, county, city or community.


As for ex-players, they are getting paid hundreds of thousands of dollars, even millions, and now they want pity. It's not happening here.

Drugs, illegal and legal, have been a part of football and all sports for decades. In a lot of cases, some of these former players even sought out getting these drugs from team doctors so they could play, especially in big games. Now, some players want to point fingers at the league, owners and team doctors.

Instead, they need to look on the mirror. No one forced them to take these drugs. They made the decisions, now live with them.