Baltimore Ravens

NFL moves extra points back to 15-yard line, two-point conversion rules largely unchanged

Ravens kicker Justin Tucker and his NFL colleagues will be kicking their extra points from a longer distance this season.

The NFL approved a competition committee proposal to move extra points back to the 15-yard line. That's the equivalent of a 33-yard field goal. There were only two missed field goals from that distance last season.


During the NFL's preseason experiment last season when extra points were snapped from the 15-yard line, kickers converted 94.3 percent of their kicks.

Last year, NFL kickers connected on over 99 percent of their kicks with the football snapped from the 2-yard line.


Meanwhile, the 2-point conversion will remain at the 2-yard line instead of a proposed shift to the 1-yard line. Defenses will be able to score on turnovers of 2-point conversions.

The New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles had similar proposals. However, the Eagles wanted the 2-point conversion to be moved up to the 1-yard line.

Entering his fourth NFL season, Tucker, a 2013 Pro Bowl selection, hasn't missed an extra point in 110 career attempts.

"I don't care about that one way or the other," Ravens coach John Harbaugh said during the NFL owners meetings in March when asked about the possibility of making extra points more difficult. "I'm OK with it. We have a good kicker. If they want to move it back to the 15-[yard line,] it would be an advantage for us."