Baltimore Ravens

Mike Tomlin sees Mike Wallace doing 'new things' with Ravens

In his Monday news conference with Pittsburgh-area reporters, Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin praised several Ravens ahead of Sunday's matchup between the two rivals.

He said Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco does "just about everything well." He said  nose tackle Brandon Williams "continues to be the man inside" and "generally requires two men to block him." He also added that "Terrell Suggs is still Terrell Suggs."


However, his most interesting Ravens-related comments were on wide receiver Mike Wallace.

Wallace, of course, played with the Steelers and under Tomlin from 2009 to 2012, and was one of the top deep threats in the league during that time.


"You see him doing normal Mike Wallace things, in terms of stretching and getting behind the defense, but you are also seeing him doing some new things, some things that I haven't seen a lot of from Mike," Tomlin said. "Some route running things, some underneath coverage attacking things. He is quickly developing a nice rapport with Joe."

Wallace is second on the team behind Dennis Pitta with 35 catches for a team-leading 490 receiving yards. He averages 14 yards per reception, but he's been a threat underneath as well. Wallace is on pace for 80 catches, which would be a career high.

Asked later in his news conference what Wallace has gotten better at, Tomlin said, "I'm not acknowledging he's gotten better at anything. I'm just acknowledging you're seeing him do some things that I haven't seen teams he's been on ask him to do — some underneath route running and so forth.

"Largely, he's been a deep-ball guy for most teams he's been on, because of his unique traits. I wasn't identifying it as any known area of weakness in his game or play, or anything from that perspective."