Mike Preston: The Ravens are officially John Harbaugh's team now

There was always a belief that the Ravens would never be coach John Harbaugh's team until Ray Lewis left or retired. Well, it's Harbaugh's team now.

With Lewis gone after the Ravens won the Super Bowl, it was the perfect time for Harbaugh to clean house and he appears to have gotten rid of the most outspoken players on the team.


Earlier today, the Ravens cut veteran safety Bernard Pollard. On Monday, they traded receiver Anquan Boldin to the San Francisco 49ers.

The Ravens have yet to re-sign either offensive tackle Bryant McKinnie or safety Ed Reed to a new contract.

Those five guys -- Lewis, Reed, Boldin, Pollard, McKinnie -- were the rabble-rousers, and they didn't hesitate to give their opinion and challenge Harbaugh, even in public. With Pollard, there were times when he was out of control on the sidelines after dealing with officials.

There is one more outspoken player left -- outside linebacker Terrell Suggs, but Suggs doesn't challenge Harbaugh. He comes close, but he never crosses the line. Plus, Suggs makes too much money for Harbaugh and the Ravens to cut at this time. In another year, Suggs' time will be up.

But as of now, it doesn't make much difference. Many thought Lewis had passed the torch to quarterback Joe Flacco and this was Flacco's team.

Sorry, that's not the case.

The Ravens are John Harbaugh's team. It's official.

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