Mike Preston's observations from Ravens minicamp

Some quick observations from the Ravens' three-day minicamp:

Flacco looks more in charge: I can't say QB Joe Flacco threw the ball any better than he did last season but he just appears more comfortable and relaxed. Of course he moved better than last season when he was coming off major knee surgery, but Flacco was more in charge.


This is a make or break year for coach John Harbaugh and his coaching staff, so maybe they will allow Flacco to have more say in the offense and call his own plays. The Ravens have been through several offensive coordinators under Harbaugh since 2008, but there has been one constant: No. 5.

West-ward: Running back Terrance West had two good final days of the three-day minicamp, his best of the various off season minicamps.

He finished runs, showed explosiveness and stayed within the running lanes without trying to jump from hole to hole. In the past West has been guilty of trying to be an east/west runner when he is strictly north/south.

Maybe some of the new coaches have explained his limitations to him better than the previous ones.

Secondary thoughts: Safety Tony Jefferson has a nose for the ball. The fifth-year player out of Oklahoma has good range and will help the Ravens defend the long ball.

Meanwhile rookie cornerback Marlon Humphrey has gone through a lot of ups and downs and that's to be expected. One thing you notice about the kid is that he has a short memory. When he gets beat he just shrugs it off and gets back into the practices both mentally and physically.

I imagine he still is used to Alabama coach Nick Saban yelling at him during Crimson Tide practices when he made mistakes.

Maclin impresses: It didn't take long for Jeremy Maclin to distinguish himself from other receivers on the field. He is just very smooth in running routes and the Ravens will probably use him both on the inside and outside.


I also like second-year receiver Chris Moore. He doesn't stand out immediately but after three days you keep looking back on the roster and wondering who is No. 10 because he keeps making plays.

Injury prone: Before training camp starts Harbaugh should go to both receiver Michael Campanaro and tight end Crockett Gillmore and tell them they can't make the club in the tub.

Both are fourth-year players and it's time for them to step up or move on. Injuries are a part of the game but this is the NFL. Production puts you on the roster, not the amount of time spent on a training table.

One to watch: Let's keep an eye on second-year inside linebacker Kamalei Correa. He is moving well out there as a starter. He was also impressive in the first week of training camp last year and then disappeared for the rest of the season.

What happened?

"I think he has come in more confident," Ravens safety Eric Weddle said. "I think he hit a wall last year and didn't really bounce back from some adversity, and being humbled a little bit, as all rookies go through. He's confident, he's lighter, more explosive just running around, covering guys. That's what we need."


"We have [Michael] Pierce and Brandon Williams, and our front seven, that whole position can be running and making tackles, making plays," Weddle said. "When you play fast, and you're confident and know what you're doing, that's when you can make plays in the off season. It's going to be a battle for that spot, but he's No. 1. He's been playing great. He has to carry it over to camp and show that he can handle that job."