Baltimore Ravens

Mike Preston: Pees making right call to move to press box

Ravens defensive coordinator Dean Pees is making a smart move by calling his defenses from the press box instead of being on the field.

I can understand each method -- staying on the field or up in the press box -- but the Ravens have a lot of young players on the field, with the exception of safety Ed Reed and outside linebacker Terrell Suggs.


I'm not sure the communication with Pees was as good as it should have been, especially when you lose players like Ray Lewis and Lardarius Webb to injuries, or veterans like Jarret Johnson or Cory Redding to free agency.

Some coordinators prefer to stay on the field because they like to be involved and compile information from the players. I like the other way because it allows the coordinator to see the entire field and evaluate down and distance without any distractions.


With the Ravens, I think it's important for Pees to get his calls into the players as soon as possible.

Pees made the move to the press box last week and except for two breakdowns, the Ravens played well against the Browns versus the run.

I can't say the move was largely responsible for the win, especially with the Browns having the 30th-ranked offense in the NFL, but the Ravens appeared to be more steady and less confused during the game.

At this point, anything has to help, especially when you have one of the worst run defenses in the league. Pees is able to correct some of the technique issues and help players get situated much easier in the press box than on the sidelines.