Baltimore Ravens

Mike Preston: NFL should be ashamed for suspending Ed Reed

The NFL should be ashamed of itself for suspending Ravens safety Ed Reed for a game because of his hit on Pittsburgh receiver Emmanuel Sanders in the third quarter of Sunday night's game. It's one thing to fine a guy several thousand dollars, but another when you start taking away game checks. That's when you start messing with his livelihood and his family.

The NFL has crossed the line.

I could see if Reed was another James Harrison, the Steelers' outside linebacker who intentionally tries to hurt players. But Reed's hit on Sanders was unavoidable, a bang-bang play where both players were on an identical course and neither had time to change direction.

It happens in football, and the NFL has to rule accordingly on situations and circumstances, not just because the league is on this mission to prove that they care about players. And we all know they really don't care, which is why they play Thursday night games.

It's ironic because Reed is one of the game's best peacemakers. He is always in the middle of confrontations on the field trying to calm players down, even from the other team.

In Baltimore, we all know about Reed's neck and shoulder problems and that he really doesn't want to be involved in violent collisions because his chances of permanent injuries are greater than most players.

All things considered, the NFL has made a big mistake and hopefully it corrects it by calling off the suspension. It's embarrassing to the league and offensive to Reed, who has always been a model for playing the game cleanly.