Here's what you need to know about Brigham Young defensive end Bronson Kaufusi, the Ravens' No. 70 overall pick in the NFL draft.

Here's what you need to know about Brigham Young defensive end Bronson Kaufusi, the Ravens' No. 70 overall pick in the NFL draft.

Height: 6 feet 6


Weight: 285 pounds

Hometown: Provo, Utah

Stats: As a junior, had seven sacks and 11 1/2 tackles for loss. As a senior, had 11 sacks and 20 tackles for loss.

Instagram: @bkaufusi90

Man on a mission: Kaufusi spent two years after high school on a Mormon mission in Auckland, New Zealand, so he's already 25 years old.

Numbers nerd: Kaufusi graduated a semester early with a degree in statistics after taking three straight 19-credit semesters. "Football is a huge numbers game," he told the Deseret News. "There's a lot of percentages involved. I'm always trying to analyze what other teams are going to run before it happens. After film study, on game day, I have a good idea of what's going to happen on a certain play because of where the players are on the field, the time on the clock, guys that are in the game. I try to analyze all of those factors and variables all at once to help me in making plays."

Ball star: Kaufusi played for the BYU basketball team in 2012-13, joining it at the start of West Coast Conference play after the football season ended. He averaged 1.1 points, 1.7 rebounds, 0.3 of a steal and 0.2 of a block per game and shot .600 from the field. His nickname? LeBronson.

Pimp your ride: Chances are that Kaufusi's first check will go toward paying for a new car. When his 1996 Ford Explorer hits 60 mph, he told The Salt Lake Tribune, things get dicey.

Good catch: Kaufusi's wife, Hilary, played goalkeeper for the soccer team at BYU. They met at a party for Cougars athlete in the fall of 2012 and were married by the next July. She plays him in the "Madden" video game and even beat him once.

Good genes: Kaufusi's father, Steve, was a 12th-round pick of the Philadelphia Eagles and played two seasons in the NFL before becoming an assistant coach at Utah and then BYU, where he's in charge of the defensive line. Steve was born in Tonga, an island in the southwest Pacific Ocean, and moved with his family to Salt Lake City when he was 8.

Out of the game: Because of his Mormon mission and an injury during his senior year of high school, Kaufusi said he didn't play in a football or basketball game for four years. He did play (touch) rugby, though.

Sibling rivalry: Kaufusi's younger brother, Corbin, a rising junior, is actually the bigger Kaufusi. He's 6-10, 255 pounds and, like Bronson, plays football and basketball for the Cougars. His older sister, Alexis, played basketball at BYU. A year and a half after she was diagnosed with Stage 4 non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, and seven weeks before the start of her senior year, she was cut from the team.

Tuck of the draw? ESPN analyst Merrill Hoge had a noteworthy comparison for Kaufusi: "He's kind of like Justin Tuck for the Giants back in the day when they tried to create matchups inside over the guards in the Super Bowl. It's not just about being a Von Miller, a dominant pass rusher in the NFL. It's about versatility and creating matchups."

Quotable: Asked whether he got picked up to do any of the "Hobbit" movies while in New Zealand, Kaufusi said: "Hey, I would've loved to be an orc in the background, running around carrying a sword or something, chasing down the Hobbit."

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