Baltimore Ravens

Media roundup: Who's picking the Ravens?

• Showtime's Inside the NFL hosts Phil Simms and Cris Collinsworth believe the Jaguars will upset the Ravens. Warren Sapp picks the Ravens to win.

• All of ESPN's NFL "experts" expect the Ravens to beat the Jaguars in the primetime matchup. Ron Jaworski didn't make a pick because he is scheduled to be one of the announcers for the Monday Night Football contest.

• All four ESPN NFL Sunday Countdown analysts think the Ravens will win against Jacksonville.

• ESPN's Madden 12 simulation believes it will be a one-sided affair in favor of the Ravens.

The Ravens defense forced three interceptions -- including one that Ed Reed ran back to the house -- as Baltimore simply destroyed Jacksonville, 30-13. Ray Rice ran for 70 yards and one touchdown in the convincing win.

• Mike Florio and Gregg Rosenthal of NBC Sports' ProFootballTalk both expect the Ravens to rout the Jaguars.

Florio's take: On Monday night, plenty of people will be feeling nostalgic for the Dolphins-Jets barn burner. Florio's pick: Ravens 30, Jaguars 10.

Rosenthal's take: The Ravens have the best defense in football and it's not even close. It's a perfect marriage of talent and aggressive scheme. The Jaguars have the worst passing attack in the league, and it's not even close. This game will not be close. Rosenthal's pick: Ravens 30, Jaguars 7.

• Peter Schrager of also predicts a blowout win for the Ravens.

Are you ready for some football?! We sure are, but sadly, you may not get all that much of it on Monday nights this year. That Jets-Dolphins game was like watching really ugly paint dry, Jacksonville-Baltimore isn't exactly a must-see matchup, and we've got two Chiefs games, a Rams-Seahawks eyesore, and a second Jaguars home game up ahead. Yippie! Even Jon Gruden's going to have trouble pretending to be pumped about some of these. As for Monday's game, Blaine Gabbert is still completing just 48.8 percent of his pass attempts and the Jacksonville offensive line is really banged up. Now they face Suggs, Reed, and Ray Lewis? I see AMC is airing the original "Halloween" next Monday night. If you're looking for something that's the slightest bit exciting, you might want to tune into that, instead. The Pick: Ravens 31, Jaguars 10

•'s Peter King believes the Ravens' schedule is favorable right now -- and he thinks they'll easily top Jacksonville.

The Ravens are in the JV part of their schedule -- Houston (minus Mario Williams and Andre Johnson) last week, the Jags this week, feeble Arizona next Sunday -- but then, in 19 days, they're at Pittsburgh, then take a 2,550-mile jaunt out to Seattle, then have the suddenly formidable Bengals and 49ers in a five-day span at home. They can't afford a letdown in these next two if they want to win the AFC North and hope to get a playoff bye. Ravens 22, Jaguars 9.

• In the "Bet On It" feature, says anything can happen, but don't expect the Jaguars to score a touchdown before halftime.

Jacksonville won't score a touchdown before halftime: The sexiest of Monday night matchups, this is not. The 4-1 Ravens, who have allowed just 71 points all year, get rookie QB Blaine Gabbert and the 1-5 Jaguars, who have racked up negative yardage on 43 offensive plays this season.

Every once in awhile, Monday night games can result in some crazy, unexpected action. And the Ravens do have a road loss to an AFC South team this year, a half-hearted 26-13 effort at Tennessee in Week 2.

So, you never know … But don't count on the Jaguars to do anything spectacular.

• All five analysts believe the Ravens will win, but only three of them think they'll cover the 7 1/2-point spread.

• The Los Angeles Times' Sam Farmer predicts the Ravens will win by 10 points.

Ravens 27, Jaguars 13: The Ravens are a mature team, and for the most part they win when they're supposed to. The Jaguars have a tendency to fall behind early, and that negates any home-field edge.

• NESN's Michael Hurley expects the Ravens to win by at least the eight-point spread against the Jaguars.

The national television slate continues to just dominate. Who doesn't want to watch the 1-5 Jaguars host the Ravens? Who wouldn't get excited to watch the 32nd-best passing attack air it out to see if it can reach its weekly average of 138 yards? Against an always-weak defense like Baltimore's, I'm sure Blaine Gabbert's spirals will be flying left and right in an old-fashioned shootout.

In all seriousness -- Gabbert and Joe Flacco on a Monday night. The promotional line for this game should be: "Prepare to fall asleep early."


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[Compiled by Dean Jones Jr.]