Baltimore Ravens

Marc Trestman still not pleased with Ravens' deep passing game

Ravens offensive coordinator Marc Trestman on the sideline during the Ravens' preseason loss to the Washington Redskins at M&T Bank Stadium on Aug. 29, 2015.

A week after the Ravens offense came under scrutiny for attempting just one pass longer than 20 yards downfield in the season-opening loss to the Denver Broncos, offensive coordinator Marc Trestman said he still wasn't pleased with the team's deep passing attack despite many more attempts in the loss to the Oakland Raiders on Sunday.

"You're not pleased, because we didn't convert the times that we needed to convert, and we didn't get things done, and that's what you look at," Trestman said. "We thought we stretched the field, and we try to do that every single week if we can, both horizontally and vertically.


"We didn't do enough of it. We didn't get enough done offensively to score enough to win, and that's really what we're focused on -- trying to get better at the things we didn't do as well as we did, and continue to improve on the things we're doing pretty good at."

Quarterback Joe Flacco had eight completions of 20 yards or more against the Raiders, and took several more shots downfield that weren't completed. According to Pro Football Focus, Flacco was 3-for-8 for 86 yards and an interception on passes longer than 20 yards.


Memorable misfires included him badly underthrowing Kamar Aiken on a sure touchdown in the first quarter, and a pair of fade routes to 6-foot-6 rookie receiver Darren Waller that didn't connect.

Many of the long throws were catch-and-runs where Flacco found a receiver in space and set him up for a long gain. But regardless of how his 384 yards were compiled, Flacco saw promise in the play-calling after last week, saying the Ravens needed to take more shots on deep passes.

"Whether they were bombs, maybe not, but they were pretty big chunk plays," Flacco said. "And I think the more we do that stuff, the better we'll get at it, the more comfortable we'll be, the more confident we'll be in doing it, and they'll start to hit. I don't think we're there with that stuff, but I like the direction we're going."

Trestman said game circumstances will determine how often the Ravens go downfield as the season goes on, but Flacco was encouraged and sees plenty to build off.

"I thought we had some chunk plays," Flacco said. "When we're given the opportunity, we're going to need to make a couple more of those, but the important thing is that we're taking those chances. We're putting ourselves in position to take those plays downfield, and I think we converted a good amount of them."