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Lardarius Webb throws out first pitch at Camden Yards

Wearing a Cal Ripken jersey, Ravens cornerback Lardarius Webb threw out the first pitch tonight at Camden Yards.

Webb will be back downtown June 1 at M&T Bank Stadium for his annual charity softball game, which was moved this year from Ripken Stadium in Aberdeen.


Newly-acquired Ravens wide receiver Steve Smith, wide receiver Torrey Smith, quarterback Joe Flacco and several other Ravens players are expected to attend.

"I'm very excited that it's coming to the Ravens' stadium," Webb said in a telephone interview. "All my teammates are coming out to support me and we'll have the greatest time. It's another time for us to give back to the community and show support to the fans.


"I usually sell out Ripken Stadium with about 5,500. If I can get more than that at a bigger venue, that's exciting in itself. I'm very excited for that day."

Tickets for the event are on sale through Webb's charitable foundation.

Webb was at the Orioles' game to promote his softball game. In the past, Flacco has been one of the better players with several home runs in Aberdeen.

"Besides me, [long snapper] Morgan Cox is good," Webb said later during a press conference at the ballpark. "Joe Flacco can hit. The sorriest was [former Ravens offensive tackle] Michael Oher. Michael always came out and supported me. He was there every year.

"He didn't play it in high school. I could tell. They always come out and support me. Offense always beats the defense, so this year I'm going to cheat and put all the good players on my team, so we can win for a change."

Webb is partnering with United Way of Central Maryland for his fifth annual charity softball game.

"I love this city," Webb said. "When I first got here, and I met my marketing guy, I told him, 'I want to reach the community.' I love kids. There is something about kids. When they come up and they see us, they think we're not real, and I just want to give back and let them know that dreams do come true. We're not superhuman.

"We're regular people. We came from nothing. We accomplished our goals. Our dreams came true. So, my thing is just to give back to these kids. Let them know that they can be anything they want to be. All they have to do is put their minds to it, and do their homework."


Webb said that he attends five to 10 Orioles games per year and played baseball in high school.

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"I played shortstop and center field," Webb said. "My favorite is shortstop. I like shortstop but I was great at center field because of my speed."

Webb recalled the 2012 season when the Ravens won the Super Bowl and the Orioles made it to the playoffs.

"That was great, man, with both organizations," Webb said. "To see them there and they care .. that's big. Because I know us guys in the locker room, we care about the Orioles.

"When we see the news, we want to watch it. When there's a big game, we want to come out and support, just be here. Not really just here for the show, we like to just come and just watch. You've got a lot of baseball fans inside that locker room."


Baltimore Sun columnist Peter Schmuck contributed to this report