Baltimore Ravens

Ravens should just say 'no' to Joe Flacco's requests for more passing plays

Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco tried to get the media to lobby for the coaching staff to open up the offense. Flacco thought the Ravens became too conservative in the second half against Cleveland on Saturday.

Earlier in the season, when the media thought the Ravens were too pass happy, the team was criticized. Apparently, the coaching staff got the message.


Now, Flacco wants it to work in reverse.

"There [have] been games this year where we've come out throwing the ball because we've been down a lot, and you guys have all complained about it," Flacco said. "And now this week we came out and we honestly played conservative, and when we didn't, we missed a couple of plays. ... I wish you guys would help me out a little bit and start complaining that we played a little bit too conservative and put pressure on our coaches not to do that."


Sorry, Joe. When the Ravens start throwing the ball all over the stadium, you are good for two-to-three turnovers a game. You are also one of the top fumbling quarterbacks in the NFL.

With 11 fumbles this season, you are tied with Cleveland's Colt McCoy for fourth in the league in that department. Only Miami's Matt Moore (14), Jacksonville's Blaine Gabbert (13) and Denver's Tim Tebow (12) have more. With six fumbles lost, you are tied with Moore for third in that category. Only New York's Mark Sanchez (8) and St. Louis' Sam Bradford (7) have lost more fumbles.

And after watching Saturday's game and all those dropped passes, how dare you ask for more passes to be thrown?

I say keep handing the ball off to running back Ray Rice, the team's best offensive player, and stay the course. You can't go conservative when you're playing the Green Bay Packers or the New England Patriots, but you can when you're playing the Cleveland Browns.

Sorry, Joe. No.