Jon 'Bones' Jones visits brother and Ravens defensive end Arthur Jones

Jon "Bones' Jones was smiling, but he kept shying away whenever his older brother, Ravens defensive lineman Arthur Jones, inched closer to him and motioned with his big arms and hands.

Although he's the UFC light heavyweight champion and known for dishing out serious punishment on opponents, Jon Jones has a healthy amount of respect for the damage his much larger older brother is capable of inflicting.


"If I had room, I'd do prety well against Art because I could stick and move," Jon Jones said today at the Ravens' training complex. "In a small, confined area, I'd get killed without a doubt. Arthur was a two-time state champion wrestler. If Arthur gets his hands on you, you're in trouble. So, I'll give it to him. If I could stick and move, it'd be a different case."

The siblings and professional athletes held a light-hearted press conference today where they shared a microphone and memories about growing up in upstate New York along with their younger brother, New England Patriots defensive end Chandler Jones.

"I think it's awesome," said Jon Jones of being the middle child. "I'm always throwing little jabs at both guys to try to keep firing them up, to keep having them strive to be better because I think the whole competition is valuable for our family.

"That's the way it's always been. Chandler is the first-round draft pick. He always has that, but Arthur is the champ. So, that's cool."

In a boisterous display, Jon Jones smacked his brother on the butt when asked who could hit a quarterback the hardest.

"Oh, 'Big Art' for sure," Jon Jones said. "You see that rump back there?"

Then, Arthur Jones laughed and replied: "You guys are going to get a free pay-per-view fight in a second, I promise you."

Arthur Jones recalled the time that Jon Jones and Chandler Jones jumped him when they were teenagers.

"We were about 14, 15, they got the better of me," Arthur Jones said. "They got me good. They jumped me, and they got me. That's like [Jon's] claim to fame. They got me, but they won't live it down to this day."

When asked to recall Thanksgiving memories, Jon Jones quickly replied: "Arthur eating the whole time," with Arthur Jones retorting: "No, me slapping Jon in the face. You see his body language when I started moving my hand? He knew something was coming." We'll get together, eat, play video games, and then it's still constant competition to this day."

Jon Jones addressed the Ravens as a team on Wednesday, delivering a message about focusing on the next opponent and putting aside thoughts of their Super Bowl championship.

"Dude, I was sweating bullets," Jon Jones said. "I was just trying to keep it cool. It's great to have the respect of these great pro athletes. They're world champions, and for me to have the honor of trying to motivate these guys in any way, shape or form, it was the highest honor for me. I really appreciate being here. I just told the guys to not focus on being Super Bowl champs, but just focus on their very next play against that opponent, that offensive lineman or whoever it may be, to take it very personal and just to believe in being great and just take it personal.

"It's just a very personal thing. If I was a player, I don't think I'd be focused on the Super Bowl necessarily. It would be, 'Alright I got this team and I know I'm going to be up against this tackle and I'm going to make sure I leave a statement, I'm going to make sure I leave a mark on this player.' Ultimately if everybody has this type of mindset, it's going to lead to the bigger picture, which is the Super Bowl."



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