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Joe Flacco didn't watch Ray Lewis' apology, considers it no big deal

Joe Flacco reiterates stances that Ray Lewis' comments about quarterback's passion are no big deal.

Joe Flacco insisted he wasn’t offended by former Raven linebacker Ray Lewis  saying last week that the quarterback lacked passion, and he was certainly not sitting around waiting for an apology from his ex-teammate.

Lewis did apologize Monday, via a video on his Twitter account. Flacco said he didn’t watch the video and he hadn’t heard directly from Lewis, but he was aware that the former linebacker had walked back from the comments.   

“I didn’t see it,” Flacco said. “I saw he made one, saw the gist of it. It wasn’t a big deal.”

Flacco reiterated that he has no problem with Lewis and doesn’t expect things to be awkward when the two see each other again.

“I was never really that worried about it,” he said. “I got over it. Listen, Ray is going to be around here. We’re going to have a relationship. We’re both going to be in Baltimore for a long time. I didn’t want to get offended by it. I think, initially, I could have been a little bit, but at the end of the day, I didn’t really worry too much about it.”

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