Baltimore Ravens

Jim Caldwell not content with offense's progress yet

It's been four games since Jim Caldwell replaced Cam Cameron as the team's offensive coordinator. One might think that Caldwell is feeling comfortable with his role, but he disagreed Thursday with the notion that he is "settled in."

"I don't think we ever really feel comfortable and settled in," he said. "But I'm a bit more familiar with some things. But it's a real challenge, calling plays and adjusting. But I've got a lot of help with assistant coaches that are on the staff. [Wide receivers coach] Jim Hostler and [running backs coach] Wilbert Montgomery and [offensive line coach] Andy Moeller, the whole group, they do a tremendous job of kind of assisting along the way. So there's some things I'm a bit more familiar with."


The Ravens are 2-2 since Caldwell became the offensive coordinator, but the offense has made marked improvement in several categories.

The unit's numbers are up in yards per game (401 over the last four games compared to 344.4 in the first 13), rushing yards per game (164.5 versus 108.8), and passing yards per game (236.5 versus 235.5).


There is a drop-off, however, in other departments. The offense isn't scoring as much (22.8 points per game versus 25.5), converting as many third downs (36.2 percent versus 37.3), or executing as efficiently in the red zone (53.3 percent versus 59).

Saturday's AFC Divisional playoff contest pits the Ravens against the Denver Broncos, who held the offense to a season-low 8.3 conversion rate on third downs and tagged Caldwell with his first loss as offensive coordinator.

But after the team's 24-9 victory over the Indianapolis Colts in Sunday's AFC Wildcard playoff contest, quarterback Joe Flacco praised Caldwell's work with the unit.

"I think Jim's been doing a good job from Week 1," he said. "Obviously, that kind of game [versus Denver] was a little bit of a different game. I think he's been doing a good job. He's probably a little bit more comfortable throughout the week now and kind of a little bit more settled in. That week was a little hectic."