Jim Caldwell, offensive coordinator

Season in review: After the way quarterback Joe Flacco finished the 2012 campaign, expectations were high for the Ravens' offense. However, the group regressed in a big way. Flacco threw a franchise-record 22 interceptions and the team ranked 30th in the league in rushing. Though he was somewhat limited by poor offensive line play, Caldwell's play calling never got the offense on track. Stat that stands out: 307.4 ¿ Average yards per game by the Ravens' offense, which ranked 29th in the NFL. That's their second worst ranking in franchise history. Outlook for 2014 and beyond: The Ravens' offensive struggles in 2013 didn't prevent Caldwell from getting arguably the most coveted head coaching job available this offseason. Caldwell takes over an extremely talented Detroit Lions' team which has been its own worst enemy. The Ravens hired former Houston Texans coach Gary Kubiak to replace Caldwell and he inherits the task of fixing what ails Flacco and jumpstarting a meek running game.
Kenneth K. Lam, Baltimore Sun
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