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Instant analysis on Ronnie Stanley

The Baltimore Sun Staff
The Ravens made their pick. Here's what we think...

The Ravens selected Ronnie Stanley with the No. 6 pick in the first round. Here's what The Sun's sports staff has to say about the selection.

Jeff Zrebiec, reporter: After all the buildup and with the team's earliest pick since 2000, the Ravens came away with a solid left tackle. Ronnie Stanley fills a need and his selection at six overall probably means the end of Eugene Monroe's tenure with the Ravens. But it's hard to not feel a little bit underwhelmed by this pick. After talking about the need for defensive playmakers, the Ravens opted to play it safe. It puts an awful lot of pressure on team executives to find a pass rusher and cornerback on Day Two. 

Ron Fritz, sports editor: Not sure Ronnie Stanley is worth the No. 6 overall pick, but the Ravens need a left tackle to solidify the line and Stanley was the safer pick than Laremy Tunsil. When Jalen Ramsey came off the board at No. 5, I really thought the Ravens were going to trade down and should have traded down. The Ravens still have major needs on defense and this pick didn’t solve them.

Mark Selig, Ravens editor: It's a silly business, grading picks for quality, moments after they happen, but in terms of sex appeal this one gets a D-minus. The Ravens were put in a corner after Joey Bosa and Jalen Ramsey went Nos. 3 and 5, respectively. Laremy Tunsil appeared to be too big of a potential problem, so Stanley is the safe, if unsexy, pick.

Peter Schmuck, columnist: Ronnie Stanley was a safe pick for the Ravens, who couldn't go wrong shoring up their offensive line with a guy who allowed just three sacks over his last two seasons at Notre Dame and is considered a good run blocker. Stanley is the first Irish player to be a top 10 pick since 1994. Most people thought Ozzie Newsome would go with a defensive player with the club's earliest pick in forever, but he decided to watch Joe Flacco's back instead.

Childs Walker, reporter: It had to be at least a little painful for the Ravens to watch Jalen Ramsey go off the board directly in front of them. But they also badly needed a long-term solution at left tackle. It will be fascinating to hear why they preferred Ronnie Stanley to Laremy Tunsil. But it's a solid, if unsexy pick. The Ravens usually don't mess up when they pick in the top 10.

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