Matt Vensel, Sports Blitz

: A fun game down to the whistle, this one was eerily reminiscent of the last times these teams met in the Super Bowl. Eli Manning -- who said before the season the he was elite and lived up to it -- was so cool down the stretch and the Giants put enough heat on Tom Brady to seal the win. Can you believe Eli has more titles than Peyton and one fewer than Brady? Believe it.


Don Markus, reporter

: Peyton who? Little brothers everywhere are praying at the altar of Eli Manning. Another fourth quarter comeback - and another miracle catch, this time by Mario Manningham- gives Manning and Tom Coughlin their second Super Bowl win over the Patriots.

Ron Fritz, Head of Sports

: Give the Giants credit, they did everything they had to do to win the game. You have to think the Ravens’ defense would have given the Giants a better game than the Patriots’ defense did. Eli Manning was not flustered at all by the Patriots’ defense and picked them apart. Tom Brady and the Patriots had two great drives, but that was it. The Ravens really can say, “What if?”

Chris Korman, Ravens editor

: It had to be especially painful for Ravens fans to see Mario Manningham haul in that difficult pass, pulling it tight against his body (and then to see Raymond Berry, of all people, haul the Lombardi trophy out to midfield.) Big games are won by making big plays. The Giants made more of them late in the game. So much has been written about Bill Belichick and his methods, but Tom Coughlin -- part of the same coaching tree -- has shown an ability to have his teams grow throughout the year and play well in pressure situations.

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