Baltimore Ravens

John Harbaugh gets camera time, jeers from brother-in-law while at NCAA game

Ravens coach John Harbaugh spent his Sunday afternoon at Madison Square Garden, taking in the Elite Eight matchup between Michigan State and Connecticut. The Huskies eventually won, 60-54.

That wasn't necessarily surprising as Harbaugh is a big college basketball fan. What was a surprise -- at least to one member of his sports family -- was the team he was seemingly supporting.


Harbaugh, seated next to Ravens assistant head coach and special teams coordinator Jerry Rosburg, was wearing a Michigan State hat and watched the game from a section that included former Spartans standouts Magic Johnson and Mateen Cleaves. Harbaugh was shown several times by the CBS cameras during the game.

That drew the attention of Harbaugh's brother-in-law, Tom Crean, the basketball coach at Indiana -- one of Michigan State's rivals.


"I see my Bro. In Law John Harbaugh in a Spartans hat at MSG. INTERESTING. On my way to @Lids for a Patriots or a Steelers Hat. He won't mind," Crean said on Twitter.

Crean later tweeted out his congratulations to Michigan State coach Tom Izzo for the season that the Spartans had, so I'd imagine he'll ultimately forgive Harbaugh. And even later than that, he clarified that he was joking for those who didn't comprehend that in viewing the first tweet.

"All John Harbaugh tweets were all in fun," Crean wrote. "Should have included the LOL."

Harbaugh and his brother, Jim, have given pep talks to Crean's Hoosiers on several occasions over the past couple of years. The Ravens coach has extensive ties to the state of Michigan, but his decision to root for the Spartans today may have more to do with Rosburg.

Rosburg and Izzo were both coaching assistants and former roommates at Northern Michigan University in the early 1980s. They've kept in touch since then.