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Sun archives: Gino Marchetti

Sun coverage of former Baltimore Colts player Gino Marchetti.

  • Streak for the ages

    Unitas: Forty years ago, one of sports' most amazing, but little-known, streaks ended when the Colts quarterback failed to throw for a touchdown

  • `Alien' thoughts never entered Marchetti's mind

    It was something he rarely talked about, and friends felt reluctant to introduce the subject in conversation. Now, more than a half-century later, Gino Marchetti, not offended or in any way irate, describes how it was when the government made his mother move outside the town of Antioch, Calif.,...

  • Colts-Giants II: Greatest letdown

    In 1959, the Colts and Giants met at Memorial Stadium for the NFL championship, a year after the `Greatest Game Ever Played.' The rematch couldn't meet the great expectations.

  • Turning 40, game still has great hold

    Colts: The 1958 NFL championship has worked overtime for its place in the hearts of players and fans alike

  • Colts earned special place in city's heart

    Passion persisted until the end, 35 years of emotional ties to a team and its memories that elevated the Baltimore Colts to a position of being a civic heirloom. It may never happen again because the business of football has changed -- unions, agents, multimillion-dollar contracts for players,...

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