Baltimore Ravens

Former Central Florida teammate praises Ravens rookie Breshad Perriman for attitude, skills

Lining up with Breshad Perriman for the past four years at Central Florida, Rannell Hall learned a lot about the Ravens' rookie wide receiver.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers' rookie wide receiver witnessed Perriman's work habits, ability to catch the football in practice and games and his emergence as a deep threat before becoming the Ravens' first-round draft pick.


"I feel like he will do a great job," Hall told The Baltimore Sun. "He's a very athletic kid, very humble. I feel like he'll fit into the system, especially after they let Torrey Smith leave. I feel like they brought him up there to play, to start as a rookie and make a big impact."

Perriman caught 50 passes for 1,044 yards and nine touchdowns last season before declaring for the draft. He averaged 20.9 yards a catch. He finished his career with 115 receptions for 2,243 yards and 16 touchdowns.


"He did a really good and had a great season for us last year," said Hall, who caught 49 passes for 500 yards last season. "His junior year was pretty much the icing on the cake."

Perriman's tendency to drop passes raised concerns with draft analysts, but he attributed it to concentration issues more than a fundamental flaw at how he catches the football.

"As a receiver, everyone will drop the ball once in a while," Perriman said. "I don't think he hardly ever dropped the ball. It's the nature of the game. He has great hands. Sometimes, he would have an easy drop trying to run before he caught the ball."

Hall praised Perriman for his attitude, saying he wasn't an entitled player.

"He's a really good teammate, very humble," Hall said. "When things aren't going right, he stays very positive. He's a very humble dude, respectful and he loves the game. I know some players have that 'It's all about me' attitude, but Breshad's not like that. He's a team player."