Ravens notes: Flacco doesn't deserve any criticism, Suggs says

As the Most Valuable Player of Super Bowl XLVII, Joe Flacco is no longer a frequent target of criticism and was rewarded in March with a $120.6 million contract.

If the stoic quarterback does come under fire, outside linebacker Terrell Suggs says it would be unwarranted.

"He doesn't have to do any talking, all he has to do is flash his ring," Suggs said. "There are a lot of quarterbacks that have been in this league longer than him with 'marquee' bigger names than him and bigger personalities than him, but they don't have that hardware. A lot of them can't even say that they've been in the playoffs every year of their career. So, I think his resume speaks for itself. And I don't think myself or Joe need to any more talking concerning that."

Less of Jones

Heading into the final year of his contract, starting defensive end Arthur Jones dropped roughly 15 pounds over the summer.

"Arthur looks like he's in great shape, tremendous shape, looks like he's trimmed up a little bit," Harbaugh said. "How could he not with the two guys he's working out with every day? [Older brother and MMA champion, Jon "Bones" Jones, and younger brother and New England Patriots defensive end Chandler Jones] So, he's very motivated. Obviously, it's a contract year for Arthur."

End zone

Listed at 5 feet 11, 260 pounds Dumervil looks a bit slimmer upon reporting to camp. "A little leaner," he said. "I just want to be able to run all day." ... Like many players, Dumervil isn't enthused about the NFL rule change requiring players to wear thigh and knee pads. "I heard of that rule," Dumervil said. "It's something that we get used to in minicamp, and we'll move along as we go forward with that."