Baltimore Ravens

Ravens' Elvis Dumervil confirms he will play Sunday against Raiders

Outside linebacker Elvis Dumervil confirmed Thursday what Terrell Suggs had announced Wednesday. Dumervil intends to make his 2016 debut for the Ravens against the Oakland Raiders on Sunday.

After Wednesday's practice, Suggs said, "We get another guy back this week."


Without referring to Dumervil by name, Suggs added, "It was tough not having him in there. But we get him back, and it's going to be good. Let him get in there and knock some rust off."

After Thursday's session, Dumervil chuckled when asked if he will play against the Raiders.


"Since my guy already said it. That's what we're shooting for," Dumveril said. "I can't use that no more. I'm excited to go in front of our crowd. The team has being doing great, 3-0 start. Against a tough opponent, well-coached team, good offense. So we're excited for the challenge."

Dumervil, who set a franchise record with 17 sacks in 2014 before dropping to six sacks last year, has been slow to return to the field after undergoing foot surgery in the offseason. He practiced on a limited basis last week, but was deactivated hours before the team's 19-17 win over the Jacksonville Jaguars on Sunday.

"I was real close," Dumervil said of suiting up against the Jaguars. "I wished I could join the party. But you have to be patient."

The foot is feeling much better, but Dumervil acknowledged that he is unsure how it will hold up with the physical demands of football.

"I've never dealt with this injury," he said, adding that his workload will be determined by the coaches. "I will say the last couple of weeks, I woke up, and I felt good. We really got after it conditioning. This week, for sure, we really pressed it. You're never 100 percent in football. One thing I can do is I can play with pain. Earlier in the year, I was more injured than hurt."

The Ravens are tied for seventh in the NFL with nine sacks. But Suggs is the only nondefensive lineman with a sack, and defensive coordinator Dean Pees is looking for Dumervil to spark the pass rush.

"The thing I hope he can give us is a little extra help there in the pass rush," Pees said. "As a defense, you don't always want to have to pressure to get pressure on the quarterback. You'd like to be able to do it with a four-man rush, and the more you can do that, the more that really opens up the book for you on defense, the things you can do. If you've always got to pressure to get pressure on the quarterback, the offense, they weren't born yesterday. They know how to go against that stuff. So I'm just hoping he gives us the pass rush he's capable of doing."