On a conference call with Baltimore media Wednesday, former Ravens safety Ed Reed, who signed with the New York Jets last week, spoke candidly about his brief time with the Houston Texans and the circumstances that led the Texans to release him last week.

Reed said that he was surprised that the Texans, who have dropped eight straight games since starting the season 2-0, released him after he played just seven games for them. And he made it clear that he thought it was defensive coordinator Wade Phillips who wanted him out of Houston.


"Wade said something to me," Reed said when asked if he had a conversation with Phillips after the Texans released him. "He basically just made sure I was leaving. He was probably the guy, the reason I'm not there. But it's all good, man. I'm not worried about it."

After his last game with the Texans, a 27-24 loss to the Arizona Cardinals in Week 10, Reed said that the Texans were "outplayed and outcoached." He was released two days later.

"That defense is not a good fit for a lot of people who is still down there, so it wasn't just about me," Reed said on Wednesday's conference call. "And my comments weren't just about me. And obviously, that's why I'm not there anymore. ... People might feel a certain way, like 'Ed did this and Ed didn't do things on the football field,' but you've got to look at the play-caller. People don't know how the schematic part of it goes. You have to put your players in a position to make plays, as well, from a coaching perspective."

Reed said he doesn't regret signing with the Texans, who gave him a three-year, $15 million deal months after he won a Super Bowl with the Ravens. He said that he had a great relationship with teammates and most of the coaching staff and Texans organization.

"I'm past it, man. I wasn't frustrated because God doesn't make mistakes," Reed said. "I wasn't frustrating at all. It was just a matter of trying to help the team. I was willing to do whatever and I think I displayed that. Like I said, the ball really wasn't coming my way. ... [Critics] are looking for every reason to put everything on Ed Reed. That's funny. That's funny to me. And it's kind of funny that I'm speaking in third person about that."

Last week, Reed told reporters that three teams expressed interest in him. On Wednesday, he said the Jets were the only team that reached out to him. But he said he was "pretty sure someone would have called" if he hadn't signed with the Jets, whom the Ravens will host at M&T Bank Stadium on Sunday. Reed said is happy to be reunited with Jets head coach Rex Ryan, who spent a decade on the Ravens coaching staff, for the rest of 2013.

"It's really good, man, because I've played this game for a long time and been around a lot of football," Reed said. "Coming from the situation that I came from to a coach that understands you, and respects your game and respects you as a man -- respects the players as men -- it's a good thing. It's a good thing to be back around that, knowing that the whole league is not that way."

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