Baltimore Ravens

Don't expect to see a glove on Joe Flacco's throwing hand anytime soon

Joe Flacco isn't above trying something different to become a better quarterback. But the Ravens starter said one change he won't consider is wearing a glove on his throwing hand.

After joking that he thinks a glove "looks stupid" on his hand, Flacco said he prefers being able to touch the laces and ridges on the leather of the football while taking a snap or attempting a pass.


"I like to feel the football," he said after Wednesday's practice. "Even growing up playing baseball, I never wore batting gloves. I like the feel of the ball. I could get used to wearing a glove, but I just feel like being able to feel the leather, I'd rather do that."

Some of Flacco's contemporaries who have played with a glove include the New England Patriots' Tom Brady and the Pittsburgh Steelers' Ben Roethlisberger. The Denver Broncos' Peyton Manning has earned some attention for his recent decision to don a glove.


Ravens offensive coordinator Jim Caldwell said he doesn't have a preference for what his quarterbacks choose to do.

"To each his own," Caldwell said. "Everybody has their own style and what they think that helps them perform. So they adjust accordingly. Have been around some guys that have and some guys that have not."

Manning passed for 643 yards and six touchdowns in the two games in which he wore a glove. The glove might help Manning, who sat out last season after undergoing neck surgery, grip the football, but it could also aid him in Saturday's AFC Divisional playoff game with an early forecast in Denver calling for temperatures in the low 20s and a 20 percent chance of snow.

Flacco, who said he wears a glove when golfing because he doesn't want to lose a club while swinging, said cold weather doesn't bother him.

"I'm sure I could get used to wearing a glove. I've just never had a problem not wearing one," he said. "So I just keep it that way."