When Ravens running back Damien Berry was placed on injured reserve with neck and back injuries, he was faced with a choice: remain on injured reserve or accept an injury settlement.

Rather than negotiate a dollar amount for a portion of his salary and no longer be a part of the organization, Berry wanted to remain on injured reserve so he could continue to do his rehabilitation under the Ravens' supervision.


"I wanted to be here," said Berry, who's due a split salary of $273,000 for the season on injured reserve. "I told them that. I didn't want to take a settlement because I didn't want to go anywhere else. I wanted to be around here. I think I'll get better faster here."

The Ravens have already negotiated injury settlements with linebacker Stevie Baggs (leg), tight ends Matt Balasavage (high ankle sprain) and Bruce Figgins (shoulder), linebacker Darryl Blackstock (groin) and center-guard Justin Boren (foot), removing them from injured reserve.

Berry suffered a pulled neck muscle and has fluid in his back vertebrae after a big collision on a 21-yard reception over the middle against the St. Louis Rams during the Ravens' preseason finale.

"It was a tough hit, but I won't need surgery," said Berry, who rushed for 80 yards on 18 carries and caught 10 passes for 93 yards in four preseason games. "It will heal on its own. Right now, I can't do anything except ride the bike and rest until I get the motion back in my neck."

Berry confirmed that he will definitely be able to play football again.

"It's a blessing," Berry said. "I'm just glad I'll get another shot at this next year."

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