Ravens notes: Jacobs is now off the Ravens' list

Well, that Brandon Jacobs to the Ravens' speculation didn't have much of a chance to heat up.

A day after Ravens coach John Harbaugh said that the former New York Giants running back is "definitely" on the team's list, Jacobs signed a deal with the San Francisco 49ers, according to ESPN's Adam Schefter.


As I said earlier today, Jacobs wasn't a great fit for the Ravens, who are looking to give second-year running backs Anthony Allen and Damien Berry a bigger role after the retirement of Ricky Williams. The Ravens are still looking at adding a veteran running back as insurance and their currrent free agent options include Cadillac Williams, Joseph Addai, Cedric Benson, Ryan Grant and Justin Forsett.

In other news, the Ravens announced that wide receiver Torrey Smith will join former President Bill Clinton on Sunday for a service project at the 2012 Clinton Global Initiative University Meeting.

Smith, who has become extremely involved in charitable work in the area, will assist with the Operation USO Care Package program, working with CGI U participants and local veterans to assemble care packages that will be sent to military units that are either about to deploy or are currently deployed overseas.

The owners meetings concluded today with announcements of some rule changes for the upcoming season. One of the changes generating the most attention is extending the overtime playoff rule into the regular season. Each teams will now have at least one opportunity to have the ball unless the one team scores a touchdown on the opening possession of overtime.

The Ravens were against the rule change.

"Personally, I think sudden death is fine," Harbaugh said yesterday. "I'm a sudden death guy. I like sudden death. I don't know how the Ravens are going to vote right now, but my two cents says sudden death. It's been around forever and it's worked out pretty good. But we said that last year, so that's where we're at.

"You cover a kick, you play great defense, you get the ball right around the 50, now you have the advantage. I think it's a wash, I really do. To me, there's a really bit of an advantage to be the team that gets the ball second. If there's a field goal kick, they get a chance to march the ball down the field in four downs. When you talk about an advantage to the offense, that's a staggering advantage to the offense, if it comes to that."