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Chykie Brown kicked out of practice by John Harbaugh, returns

Ravens backup cornerback Chykie Brown was briefly kicked out of practice Saturday morning by coach John Harbaugh after Brown booted the football in frustration following a play.

Brown had a potential interception glance off his hands when he kicked the football down the field, angering Harbaugh since that would have drawn a penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct if this had been a game.


"Chykie, get off the field," Harbaugh said loudly. "Get off the field."

Brown immediately complied and ran inside to the Ravens' training complex before returning to practice a short time later in full uniform.


"I was just frustrated that I dropped it," Brown said. "I respect what coach Harbaugh said, that's his job. It was a stupid mistake. I learned from it, though."

Later, Harbaugh elaborated during his press conference on why he felt the need to kick Brown out of practice.

"I had a situation with Chykie out there," Harbaugh said. "Chykie was having a heck of a practice and then he got riled up because he dropped the interception. He kicked the football. I just talked about that and took an opportunity to make the point with the defense and the coaches. .. I brought Chykie right back out and the thing I loved about it is he responded with a great practice and played really well. To me, that's a sign that he's going to be just fine."

After Brown was dismissed, Harbaugh chastised the defense for losing their cool and assessed them a personal foul for leaving the bench area and being on the field. He also was critical of defensive coaches for not maintaining order, including defensive coordinator Dean Pees and inside linebackers coach Don "Wink" Martindale.

"Are we going to be a disciplined football team?" an animated Harbaugh said. "Or are we going to be a [BS] outfit?"

After practice, Harbaugh noted how the coaches ran onto the field led by Martindale.

"The coaches ran on the field, led by 'Wink' Martindale, a play before, and they were penalized for that," Harbaugh said. "A little overexuberance. As a head coach when you have an opportunity to make a point that they'll remember in a situation like that in practice, that's really important."

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Shortly after he got back on the field, Brown and veteran wide receiver Steve Smith got into a scuffle with some wild punches thrown and not connecting.


"It's just training camp," Brown said. "No hard feelings. It's back to normal."

A day ago, San Francisco 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh booted former Ravens wide receiver Anquan Boldin out of practice when he got into a fight with cornerback Darryl Morris.

Brown said it was an enjoyable practice.

"That's what training camp is," Brown said. "Everybody is competing."