Ravens defensive lineman Chris Canty.
Ravens defensive lineman Chris Canty. (Christopher T. Assaf/Baltimore Sun)

Ravens veteran defensive end Chris Canty played four seasons for Tom Coughlin, winning a Super Bowl behind the leadership of the longtime New York Giants coach.

Canty sharply disagreed with former Giants running back Tiki Barber calling for the 68-year-old Coughlin to be fired.


"Here's the thing: Coughlin is arguably a Hall of Fame coach, if I had a vote he's in there," Canty said in the Ravens locker room. "He's a great coach. He's an even better man. I think for what he's done with his resume, with what he's done with that franchise since he's got there, I think he has earned the right. If it comes to that, he'll take himself out of the situation. I think he's self-aware enough to do that. I don't think that it's the the right thing to fire a coach like Tom Coughlin."

Barber told a Los Angeles radio station that Coughlin's effectiveness has ended with the Giants 3-7 this season. Coughlin is in his 11th season with the Giants and has won two Super Bowl titles, going 93-77 overall.

"I've held off on saying it, but it is time for them to make a change at head coach," Barber said. "The Giants players are not listening to Tom Coughlin anymore. As much as they want to pass the buck and blame the offensive coordinator, the team got rid of Kevin Gilbride and brought in Ben McAdoo. Now they say it's the defensive coordinator's fault, so maybe it's time to get rid of Perry Fewell. At some point, it trickles uphill and it has to be Tom Coughlin's responsibility."

Barber was sarcastically rebuked by Giants quarterback Eli Manning.

"That's nice of him," Manning told New York reporters. "It's good to hear from old Tiki."

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