2. Ed Dickson gets it right

I liked tight end Ed Dickson's reply when asked about developing chemistry with quarterback Joe Flacco similar to the one that existed between Flacco and Dennis Pitta. Pitta was declared out for the season after dislocating his hip Saturday. "The bond that they had was on and off the field," Dickson said. "They eat breakfast and everything together. So, I'm not going to stalk Joe [Flacco] and follow him around, but I'm going to be right there in his pocket. Every little thing on the field ¿ I'm going to master everything on the field, and even off the field. "That chemistry has to come from a different bond. You've seen it with Joe and [Todd] Heap, and you've seen it with Dennis and Joe. So, I want to get a little bit on that level. I'm not trying to replace Dennis. I went to Joe and said, 'I'm not trying to replace Dennis,' as being his friend. I just want to get closer to Joe and build that chemistry, because it will help on the field." Translation: They ain't hanging out, but they can still be pretty good together. As for the Ravens tight end situation, they will be in good shape because they have a good tight end coach in Wade Harman, who has worked with Shannon Sharpe and helped develop Heap as well as Pitta.
Amy Davis, Baltimore Sun
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