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Bernard Pollard says he hasn't been fined yet by NFL

Ravens strong safety Bernard Pollard is still awaiting word from the NFL on whether he'll be fined for his hit on San Diego Chargers wide receiver Danario Alexander.

Although flagged for helmet-to-helmet contact on a defenseless receiver during the fourth quarter of the Ravens' 16-13 overtime victory, Pollard clearly led with his shoulder.


Players typically are informed by Wednesday or Thursday if they've been fined.

"No, I haven't heard from the NFL," Pollard said today. "I don't know what they're doing. I haven't been fined yet. It was a clean hit.


"We saw it, you guys could see it as well. That's not in my concern. We're playing the Pittsburgh Steelers this week."

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During his press conference Monday, Ravens coach John Harbaugh defended Pollard.

"My take on it is, I will be looking forward to seeing what the league says on that," Harbaugh said. "Bernard took every precaution to make it legal. It was a legal, solid hit in his eyes, and I would have to say in my eyes, too, just from a coaching standpoint. So that's how I saw it."

On Sunday following the game, Pollard struck a defiant tone when asked about the penalty.

"It's not fair," Pollard told The Baltimore Sun. "They got three points out of that. It could have cost us. They better not fine me. That was a clean hit. That was football.

"It was a bang-bang situation. If they fine me, I'll appeal it. We are taught to defend something. If they fine me, which I highly doubt they will because it was clean and they're watching, we'll see what happens."