Baltimore Ravens

Bernard Pierce showed more patience on touchdown run against Steelers

Bernard Pierce scores in the second quarter of the Ravens' wild-card win over the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Bernard Pierce's touchdown run Saturday against the Pittsburgh Steelers was an example of the Ravens backup running back showing more patience that he has on some previous red-zone rushes.

Pierce waited on his blocks to develop and cut back to his left for a 5-yard score that gave the Ravens their first lead early in the second quarter.


During the Ravens' regular-season finale against the Cleveland Browns, Pierce had been stuffed in the red zone on consecutive runs.

His touchdown Saturday was his third of the year and the first since an Oct. 19 win over the Atlanta Falcons.


The key block was delivered by left guard Kelechi Osemele, who turned his back to defensive lineman Cam Heyward and boxed him out like it was a basketball play.

"The line did a good job of staying on their blocks, I just read it," said Pierce, who kept the ball from that play as a keepsake. "I actually texted K.O. about that and I said, 'I appreciate the boxout.' He did just enough and made sure he kept the guys off me to give me just enough room to get in. It felt good to get in there."

Now, Pierce is preparing for the Ravens' AFC divisional-round playoff game Saturday against the New England Patriots.

"It's the playoffs, so everything keeps getting bigger," said Pierce, who's rushed for 366 yards this season. "All eyes on us."